For College Students

Step 1

The purpose of this project is to show people what Boston is from different perspectives. We take submissions of pictures, poems, stories, drawings, videos, and audio of things that relate to how you see Boston. You can help:

Step 2

Pick a direction to walk in that you do not usually explore. Make turns when you feel like it. Try to avoid going back the way you came. Stay off major streets if you can; neighborhoods are the best places to explore. Challenge yourself to approach at least one person you find interesting and ask them for a photo or just chat with them for a while.

Dialogue you can use: “Hi, I'm ______. I'm working on a project and I was wondering if I could take your picture for an Instagram account?”

Explain @thecityisee and show them the Instagram account so they know where their picture will be.

Step 3

Either post your photos on Instagram or send your content directly to the @thecityisee account with a little caption of something that happened, why you thought the subject was interesting, what you gained from the experience, etc. And remember:

Dialogue for Orientation Leader, Professor, or Resident Advisor:

“@thecityisee is a project of the organization, Everyday Boston, that seeks to motivate Bostonians to interview each other and share those stories online. The goal of the project is to collect di erent people’s perspectives of Boston and their specific neighborhood. They accept all kinds of content, photos, written descriptions of places or people, drawings, etc. Your goal is to get out into the city you live in and explore, keeping an eye out for things you think are interesting. You should document these things and then submit them to the @ thecityisee Instagram account to be posted. As you familiarize yourselves with your city, you can share your perspective with the account and its followers. Go forth and wander.”