For Wanderers

Welcome to the City I See chain

You have been selected to keep this chain of excitement and exploration going throughout your city! In this album, you will find a chain of locations and descriptions linking peoples' experiences. Take some time to look at what they produced @cityiseechain on Instagram. Notice areas of the city you might not recognize or ones you are intrigued by.

Now it is your turn to keep the chain alive:

  1. Flip to the latest entry in the book/Instagram account
  2. You should find a location (a street address, or a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates), a photo, caption or description, and possibly a drawing, poem, or other synthesis of the experience.

  3. Find the location
  4. Enter the coordinates (or address) from the entry in your preferred maps app, and travel to the location. Feel free to take some friends to explore with you. Once you arrive, try to find the exact site of the entry based on the photo or other descriptive elements.

  5. Walk a minimum of 5 minutes in any direction from the location
  6. Try to find an area you haven't been to before. Explore something new!

  7. Create your entry
  8. Look around for something interesting or unexpected. Take pictures, draw something that you see or feel, take a video, write a poem, or produce anything else you wish to reflect a hidden piece of Boston. Try to avoid cliche photos that people could find on a Boston postcard. Look deeply, and be creative!

  9. Record your location
  10. If there is no street address tied to your location, use Latitude and Longitude. If you are using Google Maps or Apple Maps, open the map and drop a pin on your current location by holding down on the map. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to expand more information. The coordinates of your location will be provided there.

  11. Add your entry to the collection
  12. Make sure to email your work to Include your recorded location, date, a description of your experience, and your name for credit on the Instagram if you wish. Use the last page of this album to leave your findings. Make sure you include location and date, and a description. Also add any other materials you choose. If you made a drawing or wrote a poem in hard copy, leave them on the page. Any artifacts of your experience will be interesting to pass along!

  13. Pass the chain along
  14. Choose somebody you know who is excited to explore Boston: a friend, classmate, relative, etc. and give them the book with your added entry. Follow @cityiseechain on Instagram to see what their experience is like!

If you are unable to participate within 2 weeks of receiving the album, please pass it along to keep the chain going! If the album is full or if you have questions about the experience, feel free to email at any time.